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OHS & QMS Smart Tools
Integrated Safety Inspection System (ISIS)
Legal Identification & Legal Monitoring (LiMo)
An enhancement of universal HIRARC method to assess the risk at workplace through dynamic and effective process.
A powerful system to utilize the workplace assessment to meet with legal and management system requirement (e.g. SHO report, SHC inspection report, OSH Program, OSH Performance Monitoring Report and evaluation of compliance).

A structured system in managing the OSHE-related laws equipped by step-by-step approach to identify, action for compliance, monitoring and evaluation of compliance. 

Ergonomic Assessment
SWOT Analysis
Environmental Aspect - Impact Assessment

A value-added tool for assessing the impact of working environment and working system applied to the health of employee by using dynamic ergonomic assessment process.

A smart tool designed to align with the new requirement of ISO9001:2015 for company to address the organizational context and managing the possibility of significant risk encountered. It used combination of SWOT + PESTLE + C Technique to capture the issues that may impact to organizational operation.

A tool to simplify the assessment process measuring the impact of activity, quantifying the degree pollution to environment. It can provide indicator of seriousness level to bring the management attention towards better environmental measurement system.

We also offer an add services for tool or format in Microsoft Excel base to utilize your operation as for meeting the effective and efficient results. The program allows the tailor-made setup to behave how you want it to by customizing the functions assigned to each section. It feeds the necessary input to meet your task objectives. Please contact us for details.
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