There are a few simple steps to register yourself to the training programs offered by OSHISIS.

  1. Login as a user according to the registered username and password. For new users, start by clicking "New Registration".
  2. When the registration is successful, click the "Continue to login" button to continue the registration process
  3. Fill-Up the User Information - Select OSHISIS SOLUTION PLT as Training Centre and fill-up the other information until complete, and Click the "Register" button.
  4. Choose a program related to either a general training program or competency-based training
  5. Training programs can be selected in the "List of Training" menu. You need to select the desired program to continue the registration process
  6. Click the "View" button on the selected program and continue to fill in information related to the desired program until complete.
  7. You can also download the documents required for the HRDF claim process or if requested by interested parties.
  8. The payment option is according to each individual's choice and an invoice will be issued when the registration process is complete.
  9. Apart from HRDF, we also encourage payment through online payment gateways. However, other payment options via cheque or offline are also allowed.
  10. You can download the invoice after completing the registration to meet the requirements of the HRDF process

if you have understood the steps and want to continue registering for the training offered by OSHISIS.